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Truck Mudflaps



Wright Rubber Products manufacture ‘Real Rubber’ Mudflaps in both ‘Standard’ and ‘Spray Suppressant’ variants.
These mudflaps are a premium product that will provide long term promotion of your Company.
Anecdotal evidence indicates that is especially true where the impact of rocks is a problem and in very cold and very hot areas of Australia and New Zealand.
Wright Rubber Products use only genuine rubber and will mould your logo into the mudflaps in up to three colours for a long lasting, quality, Company identification.
Mudflaps can be more than just a legal requirement to hang behind the wheels of a vehicle. They can be an integral part of your advertising program and, as often the most visible identification of your vehicle on the road, be part of the image that your Company presents to potential clients and the public.
The economical Wright Rubber Products SPLASHGUARD mudflap (when used in conjunction with appropriate mudguards and spray suppressant arches) meet the requirements of ‘BS AU 200, 1984’ regulations for Spray Containment Systems.

BS AU 200-1a:1984

Spray reducing devices for heavy goods vehicles. Specification for design of containment devices
The Wright Rubber Products SUPER SPLASHGUARD mudflap, in laboratory controlled tests, retain 75% of the moisture sprayed onto it, exceeding by 10% the requirements of ‘BS AU 200, 1984’ regulations for ‘stand alone’ Spray Suppressant Devices.
When the Wright Rubber Products SPLASHGUARD or SUPER SPLASHGUARD Mudflaps are fitted to the vehicle, they provide a clearer rear view for the driver in wet conditions and safer overtaking for other motorists.



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